I've been spending a lot of time lately thinking about being grateful. My friend, Mindy, let me borrow this book and I just finished reading it.  It's a good reminder of how we should be living our lives.

A few weeks ago our pastor preached about the same topic: being thankful in all things.   Then, last night in the devotional book that Ryan and I are reading the author spoke about giving thanks and how the opposite of giving thanks is grumbling and complaining.  It's been good to pause and think about all the good gifts I've been given.  And by giving thanks in all things, I hope to begin to train myself to be thankful for even the things that don't seem good at the time.  And to give back in response to all I have been given.  Gratitude. 

Emma's messy face.

 Making our own noodles.

 Small successes with potty training and little undies!

 Small fingers planting seeds. 

Pretty brown eyes.

A new bread recipe, rising in the greenhouse.

We've been enjoying spring break around here!

We're heading in to town in a bit to mail my National Boards portfolio.  All 134 pages of it.  I'm thankful to have finished that up too.  We have a lot more planned for the rest of the week and I'm hoping to just soak it all up. 

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Anonymous said...

I started that book when I was there and really got alot from it. I can't agree more, that we need to look for things to be thankful for whatever the circumstances. Teri