birthday girl

Happy birthday sweet girl!  It's hard to believe it's been an entire year since you entered our lives. You fit perfectly into our family and it's been a blessing to watch you grow and change. You bring such delight to our daily moments.  We celebrated your day with a picnic at the park with friends. 
When daddy got home from work we had fajitas and birthday ice cream.  You loved the flame on the candle and kept trying to grab it.  You licked your bowl clean (liteally!) and smiled and giggled at your brother. 

You've changed so much from that tiny baby I held at the hospital one year ago.  It was hard to envision the little person that you would become, but I can't imagine you any other way.  Precious and wonderfully made.

At one year,
~you are a walker, you haven't really crawled in weeks
~you love to eat and will eat most anything
~you are moody (but we love you for it), you are such an animated opinionated girl already
~you love to chase mason around, and be chased by him
~you have four teeth
~you drink from water bottles and sippy cups, but are still learning how to tip them up by yourself
~you love to move and dance and be tossed around
~you are fearless
~you have the best belly laughs
~you are daddy's girl and reach for him the most often

We love you more than we can express.  We look forward to the ways you will bless us this next year.


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I'm Cindi... said...

Leanna, I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and yes, we LOVE Spring Break...probably more than Christmas Break when we get right down to it. And Happy Birthday to Emma! She is PRE-CIOUS!!