doing words

One of Mason's new favorite things is "doing words."  He loves to type away on the computer. He figured out how to use the backspace too.  So he "clears it all off" when he's done.  He also tells us he has to "check is email".  He usually says this when we ask him to do something like clean up his toys or wash his hands for dinner.  He responds with "I can't, I have to check my email."  When it's time to stop doing words he almost always says "I have to count to ten first."  Then he types all the numbers from one to ten before he will get down.  Silly boy.

This is pretty much what I will be doing today too.  I got an extra day in my weekend since school was canceled today since our high school boys' basketball team made it to state and are playing today (go bobcats!)

The snow is falling. Bread is rising on the counter.  The fire is burning in the wood stove. The kiddos are tucked away at Grandpa and Grammie's house (until Sunday!) and I have a date with the comupter and my National Board assignments.  I'm hoping between the peace and quiet of today and tomorrow to finish it all up! Then I'll reward myself with a date night with Ryan and some time with my best friend over the weekend. 

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