We had great plans to go cut firewood today. But it was very cloudy this morning with a forecast for lots of rain, so we stayed home and tackled other projects instead. We went on a walk right after breakfast (where Ryan and I both decided it felt like fall in the air...hopefully it was just the impending rain making it so chilly) Then Ryan and Mason spent most of the morning in the garage. Mason brought out one of his hammers and his screwdriver so he could "work" on the truck.

Then we played peek-a-boo with Emma.

During naptime we made an insane mess in the kitchen. We canned a batch of blueberry lime jam and black velvet apricot butter.

Now I have a ham in the oven and am awaiting the arrival of my cousins for dinner. We've been doing "Tuesday Night Dinner" all summer. It's fun to cook new things for them (since I can't seem to stop trying new recipes) and hang out, chatting and laughing.

Here is a little run-down of past Tuesdays. We only remembered to take pictures at a few of our little gatherings.

The one with the fondue dessert:

The one where we celebrated Marylin getting her cosmotology license:
The one with the Mason-pillow-toss:
The one where we made the count-down chain for Marylin (the bride-to-be!!)
Who knows what tonight will hold (beside ham and haircuts:), but I'm sure we will laugh off more calories than we consume (or at least we can hope...)

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Hillary said...

so fun! :)

love mason working on the truck; what a boy!