the first week

The first week of school has come and gone. I am in love with my class this year. They are so much fun. The first day of school was a blast, the time just flew by. I forgot how much I "learn" from my second graders. Every year I plan all my lessons and activities and think about all the different questions I am going to ask, but I always forget the fact that second graders are answering those questions and they come up with some pretty bizarre things. I forget how quickly I have to think on my feet as I respond to them, encourage them, and sometimes steer them in a new direction. My favorite one from the week was when I asked my students where we could go in our community to solve problems and one student answered, "a haunted house." Oh how I love those second graders.

But now I'm home for the weekend (and so blessed that my weekends are three day weekends!) and spent the morning playing with the little ones. Emma had a great week (they both did!) with Marylin and Grammie. Emma was fussy for most of the day on Monday, but each day seemed to get progressively better. So, for now I think the no-dairy diet seems to be working. I do miss my cheese though (pizza just isn't the same!). But it's worth it to have a happy baby.

This morning I made baked oatmeal with fresh peaches for breakfast. It was a nice change to make a real breakfast and not have to run out the door to work. Mason was chowing down on his, using his spoon in his left hand. I asked him if he was a lefty today and he said, "No, mommy, I'm a boy." He also had us cracking up on Monday when Marylin said "whoopsie-daisy" and he replied, "no....whoopsie-java!"

After our walk we spent some time playing farm. Mason has a new way of looking for his toys. I wish I could stick my head in a bag and find whatever it is I'm looking for.

We have a table full of basil, all rinsed and drying, waiting to be put in the freezer. I have a couple batches of pesto already in the freezer and I'm busy dreaming of all the soups and stews I can make this fall. I'm definitely loving the crockpot these days since the last thing I want to do when I get home is make dinner.

I'd much rather play with these two goof-balls!

And then we all crash!

It was a wonderful week, but I'm exhausted! Happy weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

glad you had a good week!!! i was thinking of you all week. enjoy yur weekend.