5 months

Happy 5 months, Emma girl!

This has been a month of adjustments! Ever since I went no-dairy and got you some reflux medicine, you've been a much happier girl. And our house has been a little more peaceful! There's only so much high-pitched screaming we can take. Thankfully the only shrieking we endure now are your happy squeals, which you do (loudly) all morning long.

You are a very inconsistent napper and usually take three to four naps a day. One is usually about an hour and a half and the others are 30 minutes to an hour. But, you've got your night routine down. You go to bed around 8 and wake up once to eat, usually around 3. You are quite the snuggler when you are sleepy. In fact, you would love it if we held and cuddled you all day long. I'm learning how to do many things with one hand in fact. But when we do set you down you enjoy your bumbo, exersaucer or rolling on the floor. All three are prone to having a big brother hovering nearby though.

You're getting better at riding in the car, but we also haven't really ventured too far this month. We'll see if that holds true for the few trips we have planned in the coming month.

At 5 months, Emma:

~you roll over very easily

~you light up the room with your smile

~you love being out in the greenhouse

~you still fit into most of your 3 month clothes

~you are so close to sitting up, and will do it briefly without support

~you have big, beautiful eyes that seem to be a different color every day

~you giggle

~you love to watch ceiling fans

~you put up with a lot from Mason

~you still sleep on your side or tummy

You are such a sweetie, Emma. We love to play with you and watch you take in the world around you. You are our little snuggle-bug and we love you so much!



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