"I'm working!"

While I was hanging up the laundry in Mason's room tonight we were chatting away. He kept telling me that he "was working." I wasn't really paying attention as we talked about his hammers and wrenches.

Then I told him it was time for bed. He said, "No, mommy. I'm working!" Sure enough, he had put on his working hat, found every single one of his tools, lined them up, and proceeded to work on his giraffe bike. I couldn't resist a few pictures as he worked away. Again I told him it was time for bed. He gathered up all his tools and told me he was going to work with daddy (who was in the garage putting together some camping gear.)

How can you say no to that face? So, out we went. Ryan just started cracking up. Mason lined up all of his tools out there and got right to work.
He spent about ten minutes out there before Ryan said they were done for the night. Mason just kept right on working. Ryan turned off the lights and said it was time to go inside. Mason replied, "Ok, see you later!" What a silly (and hardworking:) boy. He finally came inside, set his hat on the table and pronounced that he was done working for the night and that he was going to bed "just like daddy!" Oh how I love that boy.

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