brick by brick

After we finished our ceiling project we began adding on to our greenhouse. We decided to extend our greenhouse past the double doors in our living room. This way we would have more room for plants, we would be able to open the doors to let the heat in to our house, and we would be able to access the greenhouse from inside. A couple weeks ago ryan started framing it out. Mason loved watching from the window and kept saying "daddy....work....hammer...bam!bam!bam!"

You can see the existing side of the greenhouse and the very beginning of the framing.

Since I snapped that picture, ryan finished the framing (except for the new door), painted it, and last friday we hung the roof. Grammie came to watch the kiddos today and ryan and I tackled the floor, which is sand and brick and more sand. I got my workout in by carrying every single one of those bricks and stacking them within reach of ryan, who worked on the floor. We are a little over half way done. Mason supervised from the window. Every time I stopped, even for a second to chat with ryan, mason would say "more brick, mommy." He's my little personal trainer.

We're making way on Project Greenhouse and hope to have it done by the end of the weekend. We have lots of tomato seedlings that are ready to move in!

In other news:

~we planted more than 100 trees and bushes

~the chicken coop is here!

~our little chicks have more than doubled in size and we've had a few venturing out of their tub, causing all sorts of cheeping since they can't figure out how to get back in

~it's time to start thinking about the garden

I think we're adding more to our to-do list than we're crossing off, but we always love a good project.


Mindy said...

You guys are like younghouselove II. Too fun. The greenhouse is going to be ahhh-sommme (in Oprah voice). It's sleeting here today; I woke up to see our raised beds covered in snow. Boo!

Stephanie said...

Leanne I would love to know what materials you are using for your green house. Rob and I are looking at building one and are gathering ideas.
I love the idea of being able to get to it from the house.