almost there

Our greenhouse extension is so close to being finished (thanks to some help from lacy!). For now, it's complete enough that we were able to move our tomato plants out. And it's wonderful to hang out in. We still have a few things to do:
~paint trim
~finish the west wall
~clean and paint the new door
~remove the old insulation
~create some sort of vent in the roof (possibly)

But all those things will have to wait until we put up another garden fence, rototill the old garden and the new garden, and plant all of our seeds which will happen this weekend.

This is the view looking to the east. The white beams in the middle of the photo are where the greenhouse used to end. We more than doubled our space!

It is pretty awesome having the greenhouse attached to the house. Ryan and I are so glad we decided to do it that way. It was not our original plan, but it works. Mason loves it too! He gets to be "outside" even when it's cold and windy. He wants to go out there first thing in the morning. He's completely covered in dirt by breakfast. He helps dig, water, and most recently he loves to search for little pieces of wood in the dirt and bring them inside and put them on our wood pile by the woodstove. This keeps him occupied for quite some time. He's such a helper.

This is from inside the living room, looking out. Yes, that is sourdough rising on the chair. The greenhouse works wonders for rising dough. The pepper plant starters on the table still need to be planted.
I love that I can just walk out the living room doors and cut some greens for salad. I don't think it gets much better than that.

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Kati's Keepsake said...

I love the Greenhouse, that turned out really nice!!!!