old meets new

When we added on to our house, we decided to put in an aspen ceiling. It turned out beautiful and I'm really glad we did it, even though it was a bit of a battle to hang. We also purchased enough wood to put the same ceiling in the existing part of the house, but we hadn't gotten to that yet.

Since we have a thing for starting major projects after our babies are born, it seemed only right that we tackle this project the first week that emma was home. You can see the beam towards the top of the picture where the new part of the house meets the old part. We had to move two of the light fixtures to make everything work a little better for the new furniture arrangement. As usual, mason was a big helper. He was so interested in what daddy was doing. He kept looking up, watching what was going on. And of course was running around, bringing daddy his tools. Here it is all finished! Ryan did such a nice job. Now we just have to add the trim and make two beams to cover the old beam in the middle and the pipes along one of the walls. And as if we didn't have enough projects going on...we have 26 baby chicks arriving next week and about 80 fruit bushes and trees arriving the following week. Wish us luck!


Mindy said...

Wow, that looks awesome! Nice work. I can't wait to meet the chicks :)

Jean H. said...

Looks fabulous! We struggle to even paint the walls we have (neither of us are into the home renovation stuff)! You have done such an amazing job with the house! It's a wonderful place to raise your beautiful children!