2 months

Hey, sweet emma. You are two months old today. This month has flown by. While you've been napping, daddy and I (with the help of your big brother) have been busy working on the chicken coop, the greenhouse, and the garden. You love to go out into the greenhouse in the morning. You keep me company while we watch the sun slowly work its way over the house and into the greenhouse. It keeps getting warmer and warmer. You smile at me while I sip my tea. Sometimes we read and sometimes we just sit. I could watch you for hours. But, eventually mason wakes up and we are on with our day. I will always cherish those mornings together.

A few things to note about you, at two months:

~you have rolled over a couple times now

~you are starting to smile when people talk to you

~you are pretty content to sit on mason's lap while we read stories to you

~you love baths (or at least tolerate them without crying)

~you always fall asleep in the car

~you are so alert when you are awake...taking it all in

~sleep most of the night, waking up around 3 and then 6

~follow people with your eyes when we walk by

~still have the chubbiest legs and arms (love!)

We love you so much little girl.


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Kati's Keepsake said...

I bet those mornings together are so sweet! I can't believe she's rolling over. Jackson stil hasn't figured that one out. I think he will be sitting or crawling before he rolls over.