If you're looking for a new look for your house I have a few suggestions. Just follow these simple steps and your house will look so different you might not even recognize it.

Step 1: Sand as much drywall as you can find. Don't stop until the drywall dust has covered every square inch of your house. Then sand a little more just to be sure. You can hang up some plastic to try and keep the dust confined, but it probably won't work. That dust can go just about anywhere.

You can attempt to mop up the drywall dust at this point, but let's be honest, you're really just moving it around. It's best to just let it be.

Step 2: Paint. You should probably spray the paint because it puts a fine mist of paint particles into the air. This is layer two. These paint particles will rest on just about any and every surface showing in your home.

You could try to wipe this up, but really I think it's my favorite layer. It sort of sticks to everything. A little more permanent than the drywall dust.

Step 3: Find some exposed concrete inside your house. I'm sure you all have some. Then grind away at it. This will send sparks, bits of concrete, and another layer of concrete dust into the interior of your house. Don't stop until you smell something burning and the floor is level.

You could try having one person grind and one person holding a shop vac near where all the dust is spewing, but that will only decrease the mess by a little. It might make you feel a little better though.

You know you've got it when you plop down on your couch to rest and a puff of white dust clouds your vision.

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