camping 101

Mason's first camping trip. We headed out to cottonwood lake with some friends for the weekend. We had a great time. We learned a couple things too:

  • if there is someone who is camping with you who is almost 30 years old and has never had a s'more, make him one immediately. With cinnamon graham crackers.
  • it's not a good idea to switch places while in a canoe in the middle of the lake. While Megan and I totally pulled it off, we got reprimanded by the guys on the shore. I think they were mostly just jealous that they couldn't have pulled such a stunt.
  • if left to himself, Mason would probably explore every square inch of the forest.

  • Fred can make some mean green chili. And awesome breakfasts. I think I'll bring him camping everytime I go, just so he can cook.
  • the "toys" in the forest are much cooler than the ones mom brought from home.

  • the back of the 4-runner works great as a playpen.

  • apparently when fishing, the foot of space between all our stuff and the water is fair game for other fisherman. Some old strange dude walked down right.in.front.of.us and started fishing and smoking. If I can reach out and touch you, you're too close. Seriously, it's not cool.
  • the bloodhound is worthless at scaring off said old strange dude. She was too busy soaking up the sun.
  • learn how to actually load bb's into the bb gun before shooting. leanne: can you guys tell if I'm even hitting the target? I shoot off about 20 more while they watch. leanne: I think I am! tim: I don't think any bb's are coming out.
  • it will rain, it always does!
  • the bath water may change to various shades of brown after coming home and rinsing off the kiddo.

Did I mention that I love summer?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sister! Your camping trip looks like a ton of fun! I can't wait til we can go on another camping trip!!
Love ya,