camping + chopping wood

So we haven't been home much this week. We've been camping on the property that ryan's parents have. It also happens to be where we cut our firewood. We are cutting in the area where hopefully a road and cabin will materialize in the future. We have all our wood ready to go, but some friends ordered 10 cords so we've been busy cutting and hauling and stacking.

We have a pretty good system worked out too. You see, we invite family members to go camping with us. We promise them food, sun, camping, and all the time with mason they could ever want! This frees ryan and I up to work on the wood. First we hit up the cousins and we spent the first part of the week camping with them. Don't worry we found plenty to do besides work on cutting firewood the whole time:

Like eating dinner and watching marylin keep java under control:)Like tickling mason and listening to his bursts of giggles.

And of course, hula hooping!

Mason was getting in on the hooping too.The girls got more than the bargained for when we had a surprise visit from a bear one morning. Java tipped us off to his presence. The girls were a huge help and made the work so much more fun just by being there.

Then we took a day off and headed to the big city and spent the day shopping for our new bathroom, working on a trailer, and I got to have a birthday lunch with my best friend minnz. We were able to pick up lighting for the bathroom, our vanity, counter, sink, toilet, and some other odds and ends. And of course we had to hit up the grocery store for some more hotdogs and s'more fixings.

We spent the second half of the week camping with my mom. Mason had a blast with nana and ryan and I worked our tails off cutting wood.

Mason loved shaking the aspen trees, playing with his new ball, and exploring the forest!

He also got to go for a spin in the wheelbarrow.We probably have about 4 cords ready to go. We decided to call it good for this week and we enjoyed a picnic by the creek before heading home. I love my family so much and am thankful that we live close enough to spend so much time together.

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