splish splash

Mason loves his baths! It didn't start out that way. He used to cry during the whole thing. Now, if he's crying and you put him in the tub, he actually stops. He's been getting baths a lot more frequently since he started eating more foods. If you can call it eating...I guess most of the food makes it into his mouth.

He recently figured out how to splash in the bathtub. Now that he can sit up by himself, he loves to reach for his toys and splash the water with his hands. If I hold him on his back he kicks his legs in the water. All of this splashing is followed by lots of giggles.

Bathtime has changed from carefully holding this tiny baby in his tiny tub in the sink to full-blown fun in the big tub! And of course it must be followed up by a few pictures in his adorable bathrobe.

One of his first baths.Um, mom and dad, don't you think I'm getting a little big for this thing?

Check out my cute robe and my rubber duckie!

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season, and taking some time to slow down and enjoy time with family. Take time to ponder all the wonderful blessings God has put in your life.

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