a room with(out) a view

We've temporarily traded in our beautiful view of the mountains for some lovely plywood and nice, shiny plastic. All the windows on our west wall have been taken out and moved to their new homes in the addition. Also, we have opened up part of the wall to make a doorway to get from the current part of the house to the new part of the house. Ryan has been working so hard (in between his real job, being sick, and helping with Mason) on our house. I love him even more for it. He is awesome. Really. It's a lot harder for me to help him now with Mason, but I just keep going back and forth from Mason to him, helping when I can. And spending time with my two favorite guys.

One of the living room windows, coming out.

The bedroom window: gone!The windows in their new places. We still have 4 more windows to cut in. The south side of the addition. The doors and one window are in the living room, and the far window is one of the new bedrooms.And the opening that goes from our current living room to the new addition. It's pretty crazy, but just another fun adventure!Have a happy day!

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Mindy said...

WOW! That is a ton of work. It's going to look so cool when it's finished, I can't wait to see it! Ryan should indeed be proud. What colors are you going to paint it? (Or will you keep it neutral?)

Your bread looks good too. Do you have a recipe in your book for cranberry pecan bread? One of R's aunts sent us a loaf, and it is divine. Maybe you've already made something like that? :) I'm looking forward to baking pies together!!