5 months

How did another month already pass us by? I must admit though, that I'm looking forward to November. Already this month has filled me with a sense of gratitude for all the blessings in my life. I'm looking forward to spending time with you, Mason, and enjoying every little bit of you. You are growing up too fast:)

We love to watch you play on the floor. You are pretty content most days with a blanket and a toy or two.We still love your sweet expressions.You started eating rice cereal just a few days ago. You seem to like it.

You still drool like crazy...waiting for those teeth:)

You have been helping with dinner a lot lately. A little tired maybe? Please ignore my work clothes. I'm taking a break from working on the addition to make chipotle turkey burgers. Yum!

At 5 months, you

~smile and flirt with anyone that will look at you
~love to touch my face and pull daddy's beard
~are starting to show interest in your books and toys
~are so close to rolling from your back to your tummy, but are pretty content to just lay on your side once you get there
~can sit up with support
~smile every time I kiss your cheek
~laugh all the time
~are very interested in glasses of any drink, you love to reach out and hold them while we are drinking
~take 2 naps a day, one long and one short
~love to watch your doggies and smile when they lick you
~entertain yourself with this high-pitched squeal noise all.day.long (oh, and out in public too!) you sure know how to get people to look at you:)

You are such a sweet, happy baby. We love you so much!


Lee Stover said...

He's so long! And I must say, I'm a fan of that onesie; I'm surprised he can wear it this soon!

Anonymous said...

He is getting so big and is too stinkin cute :)

Got {ippity}?

Mindy said...

WOW! He has grown so much! I'm glad you post these photos, I wish I lived closer!! I am so excited to be parents together. It will be fun to teach our kids the importance of laughing with your dearest friend :)

Stephsstampinstuff said...

Check out those cute chubby cheeks! :D I can't believe how chubby he is finally starting to get! What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

love these pix!! and you are right...they grow so fast. cherish every minute! lgaley@charter.net

Carisa said...

omg, he is so stinkin' cute!!!