kiwi riding hood tangerine

Here is my card for this week's color challenge on scs. The colors we had to use were kiwi kiss, riding hood red, and tangerine tango. I love this cute little bird!

Yesterday was such a rainy, lazy day. I did get a lot of cards made though. I didn't even leave the house except to water the greenhouse. I read, made peach blueberry cobbler, made granola, and added to my stash of cards. It was a productive day. I think the sun might actually peek out for a little today so I'm hoping to go for a walk.

Today is officially Baby Stover's due date! It's a little crazy to think that I've been looking at this date on the calender for 9 months and now that it's here it just feels like another day. My bag is packed and ready to go though. Just in case he decides to be punctual:) I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Peach blueberry cobbler....OH YUM!!! I'm such a cobbler fan :) Hope that little guy decides to make an appearance on his due date!! GOOD LUCK :)
P.S. Apparently eggplant parmasen is suppose to speed things up..if not it's still a yummy meal, worth a try :)

Anonymous said...

hehe...i got so distracted by the food I forgot to tell you how adorable your card is :)

Hillary said...

Love it! That little bird really is cute. Hey, so I found that missing piece I was looking for the other day (remember how I had to make another one?) It was under that plate of crackers. Now, explain that one. HA!

I guessed the 5th-he has to stay in there for a couple more days, haha!

Mindy said...

He's taking after his Auntie Minns by being a little tardy, I would say... of course, the day isn't over yet... :) I say it'll be the 5th too, although for your comfort I vote asap!