Can I just say I love our greenhouse? Ryan did such an amazing job building it. I didn't take a picture from the front, but it is all clear and that is where the sun comes in. I realized looking at the side of it that it doesn't really look like a typical greenhouse, but I think this part looks cool. It is made mostly of recycled materials! Gotta love that. When we finish our addition, we are going to extend this out and double the space.
When we got home from cutting firewood yesterday we had a salad that was made completely from the greenhouse and garden. Topped with homemade croutons and made from scratch salad dressing. It was such a quick meal, which was nice since we were a little tired from all the wood splitting. It's pretty fun preparing for winter while enjoying our summer bounty:)

I'm planning on posting some pictures of the garden here soon. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. We got another load of firewood today and I think we are all ready for a nap:)

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