lemon blueberry scones

I've been trying out some scone recipes for my cousin's graduation tea. These were simply delicious! I found the recipe here (one of my favorite cooking websites:) They came out not too sweet with just the right amount of lemon. I have some blueberry tea which would be wonderful with these! I've never made scones with a glaze before, I usually make them with lemon curd, but it was a nice touch. I'll have to make more before the tea because I'm sure they won't make it to the weekend!

I hope you all had a good Monday. No complaints here! It's good to be home though after a long meeting after school. I think I'm going to lay on the couch for a few with a book and then go to bed early. I didn't realize how tired I was going to be towards the end of this pregnancy thing! Is it too early to start counting the days??

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Anonymous said...

You are making Me HUNGRY !!!
I am in South Carolina now -
and will be in Kansas all next week -
then Ohio for a week --
after that -- I will come to Colorado