Happy Easter!

What a day to celebrate! Christ the LORD is risen! Ryan and I were able to go to my papa's house and celebrate with family. We had such a wonderful time visiting together and sharing a yummy meal.

We spent a great deal of time feeling that energetic little boy moving around! My cousins and sister couldn't keep their hands off my belly:) I totally understand as I seem to keep my hands there quite often too! We are so looking forward to meeting you sweet baby boy!

I spent most of this evening working on a little project for my oldest cousin. My aunt and I are hosting a graduation tea for her and I am finishing up the invites. Here is a little peek:

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture, I'm sure you are excited about that baby!!!!
Cute cards too :)

Robb_eeie said...

I adore this photo of you and your cousins, all lovingly sharing in the joy and happiness within your tummy :) You are extremely fortunate to have all this care and love surrounding you and your soon-to-be baby.