3 months

 This sweet little boy is 3 months old today!
 Caleb, you are such a good baby.  You are full of smiles and are generally happy.  You do great when we're out and about, but love to chill at home too.  You are full of grins when Mason and Emma play with you.  You actually laughed out loud at Emma just the other day.  But, you also enjoy when it's just you and all is quiet. 

I love how mellow you are.  You really only fuss when you're tired or need a diaper change.  Mason and Emma love to hold you and you put up with a lot.  I know you'll be running around after them before we know it.  For now, though, it's great to just scoop you up and enjoy your cuddles.  I'm perfecting my do-everything-with-one-hand moves.  

 Fun facts about you at 3 months:

~you love to be outside
~you often grab your blanket and hold it close to your face
~you don't use a pacifier, but sometimes find your fist
~you smile and your whole face lights up
~you follow people's faces and voices
~you take one long nap a day and a couple shorter ones
~you usually wake up at 3:00 and 6:00, but sometimes at midnight too
~you have been known to sleep all the way to 5:30 though
~you enjoy being on your tummy and kick your legs until you've rotated in a full circle

I feel so blessed to be home on maternity leave with you and your brother and sister.  Watching you all interact together is such a joy.

We love you Caleb!

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Mindy said...

Such a sweet boy!!