This has been a week of rest thanks to my awesome sister and mama for taking Mason and Emma for 6 whole days.  They're living it up with the cousins.  I cherish their nightly phone calls with stories of the animals they saw at the zoo, the pools they splashed in, the parks where they played on slides and swings and the ice cream flavors of the day.  Mason is learning all about baseball from Uncle Chris.  Emma is making everyone laugh with her antics.  

And Ryan, Caleb and I are resting.  We're spending our days sleeping in, taking naps, snuggling sweet Caleb and enjoying some fresh air and sunshine.

We went and picked spruce tips for a spruce tip beer that Ryan is brewing.  We had a picnic after his two week doctor appointment.  We organized closets and drawers making room for tiny onesies.  We haven't cooked at all, thanks to amazing friends for all the meals.  We're actually having conversations at the dinner table. 

Thanks again mama and sister!  Love you!


Kati's Keepsake said...

Glad you had a good week! We had so much fun, It was hard going back to work today, I wanted to go out and play with all the kids some more. I can't wait til next time! love you!

Cindi said...

Ummmm...this really makes me wish I was on maternity leave with you. Two thumbs up for the time to snuggle Mr. Caleb and organize things. Ahhhh....