one month

Dear Sweet Caleb,

How are you one month old already?  It's hard to believe how that much time has gone by. 

You are such a perfect little addition to our family.  We love your spiky hair, your tiny, long fingers and toes, your smiles, and your sweet little face. 

You spend most of your day sleeping away. I'm pretty sure you are asleep more than you are awake.  You sleep great at night too, waking either once or twice.  Sleeping and growing. 

You are such a mellow little guy.  You don't fuss much and when you do it doesn't last long.  You already put up with a lot from Mason and Emma.  They are in your face, covering you with kisses and hugs (Emma) and trying to get you to play with toys (Mason).  They love to hold you and ask to do so several times a day.  Caleb, they adore you.  We all do.  You are so precious.  It's amazing to think that during my whole pregnancy it was you waiting to come join us.

A few things to remember about this month:

~you do awesome in the car and have been on many trips already
~you have long, skinny arms and legs (75th percentile for height, 25th percentile for weight)
~you don't mind being on the floor and really seem to like your bouncy chair
~you can sleep through any noise
~you are starting to smile
~you have the quietest little newborn cry
~you are still all scrunchie when I hold you on my shoulder{love!}
~you grab on to Mason and Emma's hands {they love!}
~you are really a pretty calm, easy going baby.

Caleb, we love you so much!  We are cherishing this time that goes so fast.  


Mindy said...

Awww. He looks so serious here! So cute!

Kati's Keepsake said...

that month went by fast! I love his little spikey hair! He is precious!