Hard to believe this guy is five!!  These years really have flown by.  We are so proud of you Mason.  You are such a kind, thoughtful fellow.  We appreciate your attention to detail and observations about the world around you.  You amaze us every day with the things you are learning.

You do love to learn.  You are reading like crazy.  You love numbers and patterns.  At the moment you love puzzles, mazes, and cards.  You love to play Nertz any chance you get and win more often than not. You are also very creative when it comes to drawing and making things.  You will sit and color, write, and draw for hours.  Then out comes the scissors, glue and stapler.  The walls in your room are covered with masking tape and your artwork. 

 You are very careful and pay attention to details.  You love to plant in the garden, water the plants, and help with the greenhouse.  You know the names of all the plants and how to harvest them.  I love that I can send you to the greenhouse and you will return with a bowl of salad greens or a handful of chives.  You have your own tomato plant, locust tree, and sunflower plants that you are taking care of. 

 Most of all we love your sense of humor, your memory, and the way you tell stories.  You entertain us and are so fun to hang out with.  These five years have been full of so many memories and special moments.  You are such a joy and we are so blessed to watch you grow up.  We love you Mason man.



Mindy said...

This is so sweet... I love the pictures! Happy Birthday Mason, we sure were glad to see you :)

Cindi said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Mason!!!! Five ROCKS!!! :)