Mason's first day of preschool.  
He had a blast.  I had morning recess duty, so he had to hang out with me for a couple minutes before the preschool opened.  He was super excited all morning.  When we got outside and he saw all the big kids he held my hand a little tighter, but didn't stop smiling.  I dropped him off and he joined right in.  I gave him a big hug and he was on his way.  
 Emma had to get in on the picture taking too.  She did awesome this morning.  I dropped her off at daycare all by herself.  She turned to Mason before getting out of the car and said "Have a good day at school Mason, see you at lunch."  Then she went right inside and after I left she waved from the door.  It was more than I could ask for really, since I leave her crying more often than not. 

 Sayings from the preschooler when he got home:
~I made lots of friends today...about like 12.
~I called you on the phone mommy.  But it was a fake one.
~Me: Do you want to go back tomorrow?  Mason: Yes!  They have to teach me every day!
~We didn't get to write our names.  Our teacher had to do it. (This came from his carpool buddy, Lucy.)
~Me: What do you want to learn at preschool?  Mason: How to jump rope.
~Mason: I really need a lunchbox to bring to school.  Me: But you don't eat lunch at school.  Mason: I'm just getting ready for kindergarten, mom.

You are so excited to learn and have fun.  We are proud of you!


Mindy said...

Love this! :)

Cindi said...

Simply the best, Leanne!! Way to go Mason and Emma!! Oh, and keep us posted on the jump roping thing. :) A to the dorable!

Kati's Keepsake said...

love this, too! Mason looks so grown up.