mudpies, rivers, and castles, oh my!

Their new thing to do after it rains (and we've had some downpours) is to go out and play in the mud. 

They mostly move it around with their buckets and shovels and spoons.  Mason likes to make new rivers and castles.  Emma follows him around, making her own versions. They fill anything and everything up with mud and water until it finally dries up.

I made it through my first day of school on Thursday.  I have an awesome class.  We're in full force this week which means we're slowing finding our new school routine.  Meal planning, house cleaning, quiet times, laundry and the sorts all need to be re-figured out...plugged into a new schedule.
I'm gearing up for a 5k in a couple weeks.  Nothing like going from zero to three miles all at once. I was at a conference in Denver this weekend with a friend and I dragged her to the fitness center at our hotel at 6am to make sure I could do this thing.  I really surprised myself when I got to that third mile.  Needless to say, I'm a little sore today, but looking forward to that run with my sister and cousins.  I'm thinking I better get a few more runs in before the big event (it's big for me at least...I am not a runner!)
Have a great week!


Kati's Keepsake said...

Hooray for mudpies and 3 mile runs!

Marylin said...

Yay for making it to 3 miles!!! I have yet to do so, I'm going to MAKE it happen this week!

Mindy said...

You'll do great! So fun. I missed seeing you this weekend friend... hopefully soon!! xo minns