Last weekend we went camping with the fams.  We loved hanging out with Nana, Uncle Chris, Aunt Kates and of course, the cousins!  We camped near Beaver Reservoir.  It was the perfect spot for the kids to run around and play.  
Everybody wave with Nana.  Or not.

Mason was all about helping and using the tools.  He almost always had a shovel or bucket in his hand.  They had fun collecting rocks, pinecones, and firewood.  Then daddy helped him use the hatchet. 



 We went fishing at Brainard Lake.  The kids fished for a while, but mostly played in the water.  We didn't catch anything, which was a bummer.  But it was really fun. 

Until a certain someone fell in the lake.  Sorry about all the screaming, fellow fishing peeps. 

 Although our camp spot was pretty cool, it was a tight squeeze.  All hands on deck to help get the camper through.  Aunt Kates and Uncle Chris did all the hard work.  I snapped a few photos. 

 It was a great weekend.  Mason's favorite part was the s'mores.  He could hardly believe that we made them on a real fire in the ground! Emma's favorite part was taking care of baby Cody.  So glad we could get out and get camping!

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Kati's Keepsake said...

that was a fun camping trip!! the cousins had so much fun playing in the dirt! and Smores!! YUM!!!