I was a little hesitant to turn the calendar page this morning.  Is it really August already?  That means school is just around the corner...both for me and Mason.  He's getting excited about preschool.  Although the keeps reminding me that as soon as he turns 7, he will get to be in my class. 
We went camping a few weekends ago.  Lots of exploring, marshmallows, flowers, potty-training in the woods, rain, and laughs.  Not a lot of sleep.  Oh, and Daisy decided to find herself a porcupine.  Luckily it was little and we had pliers. 

 We're still hoping for another camping trip or two in the near future. 

On Tuesday we spent the evening fishing with Karly.  I'm really not sure what we're going to do when she leaves for college.  We're trying not to think about that yet.  I love these fishing pictures.  We didn't catch anything, but we sure had fun playing in the water.


Lovin' these last weeks of summer!


Marylin said...

Oh I miss you guys!! I can't believe the stover house is diaper free!! And Mason will be in school this year! Love you!

Kati's Keepsake said...

I can't believe summer is almost over! I love the fishing pictures. I tried some of that goat cheese and yogurt. YUM! Let me know when you get your goat I will gladly sample your creations. AND, LUCKY!!! I wish we were diaper free! Someday! Love you all.