goat dairy

My mom came to visit last weekend and we took a little day trip (well, afternoon trip) to a goat dairy in a town a little over an hour away from our town.  Ryan and I have passed by it several times on our travels and we finally got the chance to stop by. 

The goats were hilarious.  They followed us all around (one even joined us in the store).  It took the kids (ours...not the baby goats) a little while to warm up to them being so close. 

 We took the milking tour, which was a lot of fun.  We got to see all the animals, play with the kids, go into their cheese cave and milk some goats. 
 After that we visited their cute little county store and stocked up on some goat yogurts and cheeses. There was plenty to sample and we all left with a few goodies to enjoy on our dinner-picnic.
We will definitely be visiting again.  Until we get our own goats and learn how to make our own tasty treats.  Maybe someday :)

In other news, Emma is officially potty trained.  This trip was one of our first longer drives without diapers and she did great.  We had to stop three times because she "had to go!" All false alarms.  But I'll take that over having accidents.  Sleeping through the night has been no problem.  So, a big farewell to the diapers and a way to go, Emma girl!

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Mindy said...

Wow, yay for potty training! That's a big deal. :) Looks like a fun trip! So beautiful out there.