beets and peas

Just a little peek at what's been coming out of our greenhouse.  Mason and Emma love to pick the peas.  Mason usually picks them off the vine and Emma is our resident pea-sheller, even though more make it into her mouth than the bowl.  The peas are going straight into the freezer.  

This was our first harvest of beets.  We've been enjoying the greens in our salads too. 
 We used some of them for beet rolls from a book I had gotten from the library.  Total fail.  The chickens enjoyed them. 
 We used some more in quinoa beet pancakes, which were really good.  Ryan and I liked them better than the kids, but they did eat a few each. 

The rest of the beets we just roasted with balsamic vinegar and had with dinner a couple nights.  The kids love them this way.  As Mason would say, "We are just chowing down on these!"

We're ready to pick the rest of them in the greenhouse.  We're probably going to pickle them and can them.  We planted a ton of beets in our garden and they are just now sprouting.  They took longer than everything else.  We're crossing our fingers that we don't have an early frost. 

In other greenhouse news: the tomato plants are flowering, we have more salad greens than we know what to do with, and the basil is calling out to be made into a couple batches of pesto. 


Cindi said...

"...chowing down..." just LOVE it!!!

Mindy said...

That second picture of Emma with the peas... is soo you :)