We made it back from a fun little vacation to Steamboat Springs on Wednesday.  It was so fun to chill out with the cousins and my mom and sister.  I was a little nervous about doing the almost five hour drive with just me and the kiddos, but they did amazing!  We enjoyed the beautiful drive, sang songs, they played with magnets and dry erase boards, and counted trains and windmills. 
I actually didn't take too many pictures, but I love all their smiling faces in these.  

 We hiked to Fish Creek Falls the first full day we were there.  Mason really loved the waterfall.  We saw a bunch of small "waterfalls" on both sides of the trail on the way up and he would get so excited for each one.  Him and Nana also were on the lookout for all the different flowers they could see.  My sister and I got major workout points for pushing the double strollers after already going for a run that morning.  Hello sore legs. 
 We spent most of the time swimming.  All four kids loved the pools.  We loved the hot tub!  We had our own hot tub on our deck so we soaked and soaked after the kids were tucked in for the night.  And during nap time. 

Such a relaxing trip.  No huge plans.  Just family time and sunny weather! 

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