Happy Birthday Mason man!  It's really hard to believe that you are four!  You are becoming such an amazing young man.  You have grown so much this year in so many areas. 
 You have such a sweet, caring spirit.  You are very aware of how others are feeling.  You are the first one to give a hug if someone in our family gets hurt.  You love to help around the house.  You are amazing at cleaning and organizing.  Sometimes when it's time to clean up, you ask me to leave the room because you want to surprise me.  When everything is put in its spot, you proudly come get me to see "how clean it is." 
 You are becoming more outgoing (I think because of Emma).  Just over the past couple months we have watched you become more adventurous.  You are still a cautious person, but are learning to love the thrill of new things (usually after watching Emma do it first.)  Just last night we heard you both laughing and screaming with glee as you rode your bikes down the dirt hill and crashed into the patio.  Over and over again.  You are still a rule follower though...and love to make sure everyone else is following the rules.
 You love to be outside.  You love watching the chickens, helping around our little homestead, and most recently, playing with Indie.  You two are pretty much inseparable.  You are patient with her and love to help train her.  I think you two are going to be buddies for a long time. 
 I can't believe you are going to preschool this next school year.  You are excited mixed with a little hesitation.  But once you get there I know you will love it.  You love to learn and are so curious about the world around you.  You love love love numbers.  You can count to 100 (and sometimes beyond).  You can count by tens.  You can add 1 and 2 to any number and you know all your double addition facts.  Counting is definitely your thing. 

You also have a great memory.  I can usually ask you to remember something we need at the store or where I last put something and I can count on you to tell me.  You memorized over 20 bible verses this year at Awana.  You can hear a book read one or two times and then retell the whole story without missing a beat.
It's fun to listen to you play.  You are very creative and love to build things.  You can turn anything into a tool.  You love to do art projects and right now your favorite thing to do is paint with watercolors.  You are good at writing all your letters and love to make lists. 
You are so fun to be around.  You make us laugh with your clever sayings.  We never know what you are going to come up with.  We love you so much, buddy.  We are excited to see what this next year will hold for you.  Thanks for all the hugs, kisses, songs, and laughs.


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Cindi said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Mason!! I absolutely love, love, love him holding his four fingers up! Just precious! And what an awesome guy he is. You rock, Mason!