planting potatoes

The weather was so nice this weekend (except for some wind).  We finally got our potatoes in the ground.  We planted three long rows along the back of the garden and did four boxes along the west side.  We've had pretty good luck with the deer leaving the plants alone, so they are outside of our fence once again.  
 Mason was a big help.  He actually planted about 90% of the potatoes.  Ryan was digging the trenches, I was cutting our seedlings and Mason put them in. 
 Emma kept herself occupied by bringing one tiny weed or piece of grass at a time to "my baby chicks."  That's how she always refers to them.  Even though they aren't really babies anymore.  They're past the akward teenager stage and have moved out of the garage into their own coop.  Emma and Mason both love to check on them and make sure they are doing well.  In fact, every day when we get home they go play with them before coming inside. 
We also discovered that our rhubarb is starting to grow and several lilac bushes that we planted last fall are starting to sprout.  So ready for summer and long days spent outside!

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