meet Indie

Somehow the last month just sort of went by in a blink and here we are in the middle of May.  I've been missing documenting the little day to day happenings here on the blog, but my days have been filled with lots of things besides the computer (unless you count the many pages I've been typing and scanning to finish up my National Boards). 
Plus...we've added a little puppy into the craziness.  Here's Indie.  She's such a sweet dog and we've been having so much fun (mostly) playing with her, training her, and waiting for her to start sleeping through the night.   

 The kids love her, especially Mason.  Emma has finally stopped screaming every time she so much as enters the room.  Indie follows Mason everywhere.  It's pretty cute actually. 
Daisy's loving having some company.  She even makes her way into the kennel some nights and sleeps with Indie. 
Only one more week of school!  We are so excited for summer.  Hopefully it will be easier to keep up around here too. 


aimymichelle said...

oh man how adorable!

Cindi said...

Awww...she's precious, Leanne!! And I love how much Daisy loves her. Too too sweet!