little sis

 I just love watching these two play together.  Mason can be so sweet and gentle with his "little Emma."    He is always looking out for her (except for those moments when he is tackling/screaming at/tormenting her of course.) 

When I went to pick them up from daycare today they came walking into the house holding hands and smiling.  I can't help smiling too.


aimymichelle said...

oh my she is just the cutest!

I'm Cindi... said...

Awww...I love this, Leanne!! I love watching it with my own two too. It's so neat to watch them grow and at the same time their relationship does too. It's as if the older they get, the better it gets. Jake has become more and more head over heels for his "Baby" the older he gets and the more they're able to play and interact with other. Precious moments for sure!!