18 months

Dear Emma,

You reached the 18 month mark on Friday.  It's hard to believe you are heading towards two!  You have been such a blessing in our lives. You are energetic, moody, snuggly and the life of the party. 

Your wispy hair is filling in with various shades of blonde, amber, and red depending on the light.  Tiny curls peeking out from the back make me smile.  You love to have your hair combed and your teeth brushed.  You don't love rinsing your hair in the bathtub or having your face washed though.

You are one loud girl.  Your squeals are full of delight and pure happiness one time and complete annoyance the next.  It's either one or the other with you.  You let us (and Mason) know how you feel the minute you feel it. 

Your vocabulary is taking off.  You are starting to put words together such as "hold me," "I too," and "up please."  You ask for "nack" (snack), "wa-wa" (water), and books among other things.  Every day you surprise us with the words you know.  You have quicky gone from calling your brother Masey to Mason (much to his delight...he kept informing you that you were saying it wrong.)

Your favorite animal is a little pink lamb which you have named "cow" because that's what Mason calls his cow.  You always ask for it when you are going to sleep.  You love to snuggle up with blankets and pillows and carry them all over the house. 

We get a kick out of how animated and outgoing you are.  You love to be with people.  You love music and are often found dancing and singing.  Being outside brings you so much joy.  You often bring us your shoes and pull us to the door repeating "out! out!" and pointing outside until we give in. 

A few more teeth have made their appearance, but we're still waiting for 5 more.  You let the whole world know what is going on with your little teeth and usually have one really bad night when they are coming in. 

You are quite the helper.  Stacking wood, hanging clothes on the drying rack, throwing things away, putting dishes away, and "helping" Mason with whatever his current building project is. 


Emma, you give us so much to be thankful for every day.  There is so much to love about you.  Some of my favorite moments are watching you play with Mason, snuggling with you in the early mornings and catching your sweet smile and that glimmer in your eyes. 

We love you sweet girl!


I'm Cindi... said...

I'm so melted, Leanne! Your love for Emma is so transparent through your words. So precious, and she is too! Happy 18 months, Emma!

Mindy said...

I agree with the above Leez. I love how you pinpoint the little things that you love about your Emma! She is going to look back and love how well you know her :)