Well, the month of August pretty much passed us by here on the blog.  We finally got a computer up and running again.  Our laptop was a goner, so we pieced together bits and pieces of other computers between Ryan's parents and a good friend of ours and so far we're back in business. 
School got off to an awesome start.  I have a wonderful class.  We have lots of new employees and families at our school and some great friendships are starting to form.  My student teacher, Lia, is amazing.  She sees things that need to be done and just does them, asks lots of intelligent questions (keeps me on my toes) and is building great relationships with the students.  I was a little nervous about having someone in my classroom all day, every day, but it's actually made my job more fun than ever, if that was even possible! 
Lots of progress has been made on the bunkhouse.  After church we spent the rest of the day on the property.  We had our first picnic on the front porch.  The door and windows (except two) are in.  We're dreaming of paint colors and cabinet options.  Small pockets of yellow aspen leaves were spotted.  The kids came home tired and covered in dirt.  A perfect day.  
The first four are from earlier in the summer.

I love this one.  Emma's learning all about using the tools from her big brother. 

This was one of those weekends where we were really only home to sleep.  Between doctor appointments and inservice at school, garage sales and football games, church and friends, the house is a little crazy, the laundry is piled up, and the kitchen floor may be a bit of a sticky mess. But we're all smiling and counting our blessings. 


Marylin said...

I love your kids! Since when is Mason a kid?!? there isn't a trace of baby left! I love his smile & I love that he is teaching Emma! I miss your kids so much! Love you!

I'm Cindi... said...

There you are!! Yea! I'm so glad you're "back" online. :) And I'm so glad to hear you're having a great year of teaching. Awesome! Really love this post, Leanne! The bunkhouse looks GREAT!