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It's a good thing we love to be outside, because we've been all over the place lately.  We had a great playdate with my best friend, Mindy, and her two girls.  We found a nice park about halfway between our two houses last summer and we met there again. A great place to play and enjoy a little picnic.  And plenty to keep the kids entertained while we chat.

Then we spent a couple days camping.  Lots of dirt, exploring, and s'mores.  Mason told me that he wanted to sleep under the stars because one might come down to sleep with him.  Sweet boy.

 Then it was off to Greeley for a visit with Nana and my sister's family.  The cousins had a blast playing at Nana's house while I squeezed in a class at UNC.  Once all the school business was taken care of, my sister and I scrapbooked the night away. 

They'll all be back to our house this weekend since my cousin is getting married!  We're loving all the time with friends and family this summer.

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Marylin said...

your kids are so so sweet <3 I LOVE the first picture of Emma :)