rusty the rooster

We kept two roosters through the winter, because we weren't sure that they both would survive.  Everything was going along great until this guy turned into the little bully of the coop.  He was definitely the top rooster and started keeping Marsh (our other white rooster named after a marshmallow) confined to the coop. He wouldn't let him out.  After a few days of  this behavior we decided we needed to downsize. Fortunately, some friends of ours took Rusty to their place. One of their daughters is in my class, so I get regular updates on the little fellow.  And our own little coop is much happier.  

We put him in a box in our car and drove him across the valley. He didn't make a peep.  But, Mason was cracking up the whole time because he couldn't believe we had a rooster in a box in our car.  He is a little obsessed with Green Eggs and Ham at the moment and kept saying "Would you eat them in a box, Rusty?"  He kept us entertained the whole way. 

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I'm Cindi... said...

Ahhh...if he just could have kept that attitude in check, right? And I have laughed out loud at Mason asking him if he would "eat them in a box". Tooooo cute!!