little wagon

This little wagon that we picked up at an antique store has been a favorite lately.  You never know which one will be sitting for a ride and which one will be doing the pulling. Emma loves to climb into it and hang out. 

 It's a little crazy to think that Mason was just starting to really walk around at this age and that Emma has been walking for months.  And she can climb in and out of the wagon like a pro.  Mason was chatting up a storm at this age, but Emma uses only a handful of words. So different and unique.

The other day Mason said to Ryan, "Daddy, you should put me out in the dog pen with Daisy." When Ryan asked him why, he responded with "because I'm driving you nuts!" 


I'm Cindi... said...

LOVE that last picture of Emma, Leanne! She looks sooo sassy. :) It's absolutely precious!

Mindy said...

Mason is hilarious. And i love that Emma is in a little dress. So cute. Liv is excited to see both of them soon--in the car yesterday she said, "see Mason? Emma? Leez?" and I said, "What about Ryan?" and she said, "...I like Ryan. Hold Ryan?" lol