We have some friends at church with a milk cow and to say they are generous with their extra milk is an understatement.  Every week they bring their delicious milk (and eggs and yogurt) to church for anyone who wants it. We've ended up with quite a few gallons thanks to their gracious generosity.  They always mention that they can't consume that much milk on their own.

We don't consume that much milk in one week either, so we've been making a couple gallons into mozzarella. We love to make pizza at least once a week and the addition of fresh mozzarella is wonderful!  

After making mozzarella there is a lot of whey left over. I recently discovered that you can use that whey to make ricotta cheese.  So, now we're coming up with all sorts of things to do with all that ricotta. 

While Uncle Luke was here we enjoyed roasted garlic and chive ricotta with homemade crackers. We've been making crackers almost as often as cheese because they don't last long around here.
 A couple weeks ago we made 3 cheese tortellini, which was amazing.  Mason was a big helper and Emma ate her fair share (maybe more than her fair share...she's been finishing Mason's meals lately!)
Making cheese is so much easier than I thought. Now I think we just need our own milk cow too!

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Mindy said...

That is so awesome!! Love cheese and wine--and am so impressed you make so much homemade. You insipre me!