11 months

Emma girl,
It's hard to believe this is your last monthly post before you turn one!  You are such a sweet, happy, energetic little girl. You are hardly a baby anymore, although I don't want to admit it. I caught myself, just the other day, thinking about the morning you were born. You have changed so much since then and we have fallen even more in love with you.

You are walking more and more every day. You can go from sitting to standing up all by yourself.  I keep watching you pop up in the middle of the room without holding on to anything.  You take lots of steps (too many to count) before you either fall into someone's arms, fling yourself onto the dog bed, or just decide to get down and crawl.  It's fun to watch you decide between walking or crawling, hesitating, crouched down with your legs bent and either standing back up or going down. I can see the wheels turning.  And more often than not, when I set you down you firmly plant your feet and either just stand there or take off walking.

You are fearless too.  You love to fling yourself around, be held upside down, or be thrown up into the air.  You go down stairs head first.  You can get off the couch all by yourself as long as we face you the right way.  You slide off and are on your way. You tumble off Mason's bed and roll over, smiling. Mason tackles you to the ground and you laugh hysterically. You're giving us gray hairs already. 

You still love to eat.  You prefer to feed yourself and will eat whatever we are having.  I think at most meals you eat more than Mason.  Current favorites: spaghetti, chicken, wild rice, eggs, fruit and veggies, cottage cheese, and bread of any kind.  You mostly eat with your right hand and are getting really good at holding your cup. 

At 11 months, you:
~love to bounce
~dance whenever you hear music
~wave and say "bye-bye" when someone is leaving
~play peek-a-boo (which mostly consists of you covering one eye partly with your hand and then peeking out)
~blow air out of your mouth with your lips in a perfect "o" when we blow on your face (hopefully you're practicing for your birthday candle!)
~just started stringing together lots of different sounds, "talking" more and more
~say dada, mama (only occasionally), dog, thank you, and hi
~are over the moon about Mason; he can always make you smile
~still have the chunkiest baby thighs

You are such a precious girl.  Lately it's been impressed upon my heart what a priviledge it is to get to be your mommy. We love you so much sweet baby girl.


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Mindy said...

What a sweet entry! I was laughing about the gray hairs... she and Liv can be fearless together! Just don't let her take her bike down the stairs like a little someone I know... Excited to celebrate with you next weekend!