It's always something around here. We have plenty to accomplish on our to-do list. Ryan spent the weekend putting up a pole barn with the help of Tim, Grandpa and Grammie. It was plenty cold and windy for sure. They still have a little ways to go before it's finished (siding and roof) but they got a great start. I stayed inside with the kids making cookies and hot chocolate. Mason spent the morning sorting his blocks (numbers on the right and letters on the left).And stealing cuddles with Grandpa during a break from the cold.We have plenty of projects going on inside too. I spent Mondy night painting in the kitchen. We now have cabinets on a wall that has been waiting for them for far too long. We are still waiting for our countertop. It turns out they don't make the same countertop that we have in the rest of our kitchen anymore, but Ryan finally found a place where he could special order it.

We spent last night hanging wood...the beginning of our beams that will cover the pipes going through our kitchen from the addition. Mason was a huge help taking measurements and hammering. Also, everytime he got his drill he would go over to Emma (who was just taking it all in) and say "Emma...it might be loud". Then he would fire up his little drill with the biggest grin on his face.

It's so fun to watch him help daddy!

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Marylin said...

That is the cutest thing. Emmas smile is so sweet :) Love your kids!