another week

Another week has flown by. This week has pretty much been categorized by sleepless nights, report cards, Emma squeals, hundreds of questions from Mason, homemade bread baked in our woodcook stove, snow, salads from our greenhouse, bible study, and dinner with my cousins.

Last weekend me and the kiddos headed north for a weekend with my sister's family and Nana. My mom watched the kids while Kati and I scrapbooked the weekend away. I think I set a record for the most number of pages I've ever scrapbooked in a 24 hour period. I may have also set a record for the amount of chai I consumed.

I am so thankful that my sister lives close enough for weekend visits. We had such a good time chatting, scrapbooking, and laughing at the kids. It has been so fun to journey through motherhood together! I just can't get enough of my sweet little nephew...his chubby cheeks, tiny teeth peeking through when he smiles and his dinosaur growls. And he totally busted out the crawling moves while we were there. The real thing--on all fours. It was great to watch my sister and brother-in-law take it all in. I think Emma was taking notes too.

Mason was almost overwhelmed by the toys at Nana's house. Since she does home day-care she had so many different learning stations and Mason played from morning to night. I know my mom had a blast with the kids.

On the way home we stopped at my best friend's house to meet a new little baby girl. Mindy and Raul welcomed precious Natalie into their family last week. At just a couple days old, she already has more hair than Emma. It was wonderful to visit with them.

Ryan and I were able to sneak away for a little date night tonight...dinner out (Mason informed us that he ate dinner in). Mason also informed me this morning that my hair looked like a rooster and I needed to comb it. The rest of the weekend will be filled with friends, projects, homemade granola, and hopefully some rest.


Kati's Keepsake said...

Is Emma sucking her thumb in the last picture? Jackson must have taught her that!

Stephanie said...

Great pictures! I'm so glad that you were able to get a lot of scrapbooking accomplished while you had the chance! The end of this post just completely cracked me up! Mason is way too funny! Love him!

Mindy said...

Liv really missed out on a fun playdate that day! So great to see you friend, and your little ones. :)