3 months

Dear Emma-girl,
Where did this month go? I cannot believe you are already another month older. I love discovering more and more of your little personality. You are starting to "talk" much more and are full of smiles.

This was another busy month. We've been busy working in the garden, canning jams, being outside, and traveling. We headed to Glenwood Springs to visit with family. You got to meet your great grandfather, Papa, and hang out with your cousin, Jackson, along with the rest of the family. We laughed a lot! You are such a great little traveler. You slept and cooed most of the way there and back. I hope I am as lucky traveling with you by plane since we are headed to New York in a few days.

At 3 months:

~you are starting to laugh at people
~you wake up once a night (usually around 4)
~you always roll onto your back when we put you on your stomach
~you love to be in our baby sling carrier, and usually fall asleep (which helps with watering the garden and greenhouse...you just come along!)
~you put up with a lot from your brother who is constantly giving you kisses, bringing you your "fire" (pacifier), and wanting to hold you
~you follow people around the room with your eyes
~you hold your head up like crazy
~you love being on the changing table and will smile everytime we lay you on it
~you love being outside (which is a good thing because we spend most of our days out there)

We have gone to cut firewood a couple times. I love to snuggle with you on our big patchwork quilt, the wind blowing through the aspens and the sun shining through the leaves, dancing shadows over you. You love to watch the leaves and listen to the birds. You are so alert when we are outside.

Emma, you are so precious. From your bright eyes, balding head:), and perfect little feet, we just can't seem to get enough of you. You make our lives so much sweeter. We love you!


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Goal said...

She is changing so much! I love her little dress, what a beautiful Emma girl you have!! I hope you have a fun trip to NY!