Two years old! Happy birthday little man.

Here you are exactly one year ago:
You have changed so much in one year. I never knew that having a boy would be so much fun. You spend most of your days playing outside or following daddy around being his little "helper." You are pretty much always covered in dirt and I wouldn't have it any other way because you are just so happy to be playing outside.You want to carry everything for daddy. Luckily, he's very patient and doesn't mind if everything takes him twice as long.You're getting very good with the tape measure and the hammer!
You constantly amaze us with all you are learning. You have a huge vocabulary. I can't even begin to count all the words that you know. You are starting to talk in complete sentences too.

You know all your colors and a handful of shapes. You can count to ten and you recognize 0, 1, and 2. You are starting to learn the letters in your name. You know several animal sounds.

You take one really good nap in the afternoon. I love your going to bed routine. We always pray (which you call "amen", then you lay down in the crib with your two stuffed cows (named Cow and Moose), and ask for blankets by name. You usually layer two or three blankets on.

Speaking of praying, when we all sit down at the table you always ask for "amen". We hold hands, but the cutest thing is that you always want to hold your spoon in my hand and your cup or plate in daddy's hand while we pray.

We ended your special day with a scoop of ice cream. You blew out your candles before we even finished singing to you:)

It was good to the last drop!

Happy Birthday Mason!!

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