When I was pregnant with mason way back in 2009 we took this picture with my cousins and my sister. It was easter time and I still had about two months to go. We decided that we needed another one this time around. Only my sister was home with her sweet little one and we tried to get mason in on the tummy shot. He was slightly interested. Maybe it was a little too close to his bedtime.
I love my cousins so much. We've been spoiled lately having them home for spring break...a whole three week process since they all have different school schedules. I'm thankful for the time they get to spend with mason and I know they are looking forward to meeting this little girl as much as we are:)


Marylin said...

I love these pictures :) They are really cute! Im so excited for baby number 2! :) I hope she decides to come before Sunday! I love you!

Marylin said...

and, sorry, but i noticed my hair is wavy in both pictures, karly is wearing a pinke headband in both, and lacy has her hair up in both. and you are the only one wearing jeans in both. i know im weird. haha!

Kati's Keepsake said...

thats quite the observations Mary!!! :) Too bad I missed out on this picture! I can't wait for the little baby girl!