round 2

On Friday we headed to another pumpking patch with our friends Tim and Megan and little Brenden. The weather was beautiful! We met for coffee in the morning and then headed out and let the boys pick their pumpkins. They had fun tromping around the field. They were just as interested in all the plants as they were the pumpkins!Hey, I found one!

My two favorite guys!

We tried a couple different times to get some pics of the boys together. One of them usually seemed to be crying when we set them down (ok, it was mason every time). Except for once. I think mason pinched brenden or something. mason: See you later. My work here is done.We really did have a great time. Good friends, good pumpkins, and fun little boys. Ryan and I also picked up a bushel of apples (jonagold) and then got two more bushels on the way home (called winter banana....who knew there was such an apple?). So this weekend we canned red hot cinnamon apples, applesauce, and some whole berry cranberry sauce. Next up is apple pie filling and more applesauce.

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