The past few days have been full of family, friends, and to-do lists:) It's been pretty much a constant whirlwind going from one activity to the next. Thus far, I've:
  • cleaned my classroom, finished report cards, and checked out for the summer
  • said goodbye to my partner teacher
  • come home to a house more than double in size since Ryan took down the wall that separated the {old} house from the new addition

part of the wall, coming down

    cleaning up after the wall is down!

  • put up our garden fence

  • planted our garden

  • Karly was a huge help! She played with Mason while we worked in the garden

    and then came over and baked his birthday cake and watched

    him again while Ryan took down the wall.

  • finished up some birthday presents (sewing/knitting)
  • watched my cousin, Lacy, graduate from high school

  • spent a lot of time with my extended family
  • celebrated Mason's first birthday
  • cooked a whole bunch of food (50 cinnamon rolls anyone?)
  • cleaned layers and layers of drywall dust off just about everything
  • went to a graduation party and laughed with my family

  • made it through uncle Lee's birthday (we miss you!)
  • did countless loads of laundry
  • packed (a little last minute) for my girl's trip to NYC
  • packed for Mason's stay with Grammie and Grandpa

See what I mean? It was a busy weekend, but fulfilling. I love my family so much.

In a couple hours I will be onto the next whirlwind adventure. Navigating the Big Apple (did I mention I can barely navigate my hometown?) with my friend Hillary. Getting to as much must-see/must-do/must-eat-here places as possible. And catching up with more friends and family.

Be back soon:)

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